Dō Good Mentorship Program

Our mission is to promote, encourage and develop female leaders in business education

The experiences of our leaders over years of service are invaluable resources for future leaders. We know that we need a vehicle to transport this information to the next generation of leaders. We hope to see experienced administrators serving new leaders by developing intentional relationships that guide toward faithful, competent and servant-based leadership in our mentorship program.

Learning occurs through many different methods, but perhaps one of the greatest methods for learning about leadership is through relationships. There is great value in studying materials together. We have a list of leadership books and we suggest our participants will choose one to three books to study together and discuss the implications of their learning. Part of the relationship will be a chance to collaborate on projects. Finally, we hope for transformation in both directions as we utilize our gifts to exchange wisdom and build stronger mentorship relationships in the process.


The mentorship program is made up of four strategic parts – serve, learn, collaborate and transform. In a nutshell, the plan for the program consists of:

  • Establishing learning targets in the application process
  • Regular calls or coffee shop half-hour meetings as it best fits the partners’ schedules
  • Two separate one-day visits to the mentor’s workplace for shadowing
  • One to three books selected from the leadership book list to be read and be discussed together