Self-care & skin-care on the go- the mesh&bone approach

Self-care & skin-care on the go- the mesh&bone approach

There’s an abundance of wellness articles out there convincing us that in order to look and feel great- we need to spend loads of money on different health and wellness products- from opulent skincare routines to diets or self-development books. Trying to become the best version of ourselves sometimes feels like an overwhelming goal, it can seem so complicated, like a jigsaw puzzle.

In an ideal world we would all have the energy for a perfectly balanced “routine”- but lets face it, not all of us do. Life is busy, complicated and messy sometimes- we are only human and most of the time we are all just trying our best. 

Speaking for myself, there have been countless times where I neglected a self-care routine completely. I would arrive home from work exhausted, order some takeout and just watch Netflix until bedtime- only to begrudgingly drag myself to the bathroom for a quick teeth brush and face rinse before passing out. I was waking up feeling overtired and unrefreshed- and I found that this can lead to impacts on other areas of our lives. I knew that I wanted to make changes and practice more self-care, but I didn’t even know where to start- I was basically stressing myself out in the process of searching for ways to “de-stress”. 

If there’s anything I have learned between then and now- it’s to prioritize simplifying your life through self-care- not the other way around. 

One of my favorite ways I have practiced this is through my simple yet effective skincare routine. Back when I was barely taking off my makeup before bed, and only ever reached for SPF when on vacation- I was anxious at the thought of cluttering my cabinet with expensive skincare products that may not even work for me. Not to mention the time it would take to apply everything to my face in an oh-so-specific order. 

With anything in life the key to seeing results is consistency, so making something easy to keep up with is really the trick here. 

When it comes to skincare, opting for a couple power products that come packed with the right ingredients to treat several concerns is a far better choice than over-purchasing products which are each going to treat your skin differently. 

At mesh&bone all of the product recipes bare this in mind as we understand what it’s like to balance life and self-care on-the-go. 

Our hope is to show men & women that taking care of their skin as a self-care practice can be universal, simple and feel-good. 

Below are some of our favorite products for the busy millennial

The Moringa Daily Skin Wash 

Is the perfect starter product to any routine, whether it’s nighttime or in the morning, this invigorating soap bar is easy and low maintenance to use. It’s exactly the sort of product that fits in seamlessly with anyone’s schedule. Quick, simple and effective! 

Our Frankincense Daily Toning Essence 

This daily toning essence is such a fun multi-purpose product. With just a couple spritzes It tones,moisturizes and even sets/primes makeup. Swap all the excess bottles and hassle for this bad-baby that also smells amazing because it’s infused with oils! 

Vitamin C Booster 

Last but certainly not least is our best-selling product that we couldn’t go without mentioning. We love to rave about this one because it targets the skin from the inside and the outside. The Vitamin C booster doubles as a supplement and a topical skin treatment that improves skin tone and reduces inflammation(amongst many things) . It's truly the best of both worlds! 


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